Character Guest Post: Zach of Linda Armstrong-Miller's BLOOD & WATER #characterday


Today is character guest post day! We have Zach from Linda Armstrong-Miller's new Christian thriller, BLOOD & WATER. Enjoy!

Hi I’m Zach, I can’t talk long, my mom and dad are about to get married. I’m going to be their best man. It’s going to be a small gathering. My dad, I mean my grandpa, I get confused and still call him dad cause I thought he was my dad….well all my life was just murdered. I thought my real dad had been blown up by a car bomb but it turned out he needed to go undercover for a while. My heart and my mom’s heart was breaking. Our family was just coming together only to be broken apart. Turns out half came true. We had a funeral, now we are going to celebrate with a wedding. Zach! That’s my mom. Gotta go.

Title: Blood & Water
Author: Linda Armstrong-Miller
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Pages: 266
Genre: Christian Thriller

Lisa Rivers is a genius with a photographic memory. She is the youngest, highest paid computer designer for the Department of Defense. Her program promises no more POWs and can be used domestically. No more missing children. So, how is it that Lisa is kidnapped? How was her identity discovered? Is she still alive and if so, can she be found before it is too late?


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Linda Armstrong-Miller has worked in the medical field for over twenty years. In that time she has worked as a counselor, registered nurse in the emergency room, ICU, Recovery Room, and she has worked with children placed in psychiatric hospitals. She understands when a family is in crisis and she has been with them during their time of distress, depression, anxiety and difficulty. She believes in God and uses her belief as well as her experience when writing. Blood and Water is her second book published. Touched is her first book. Currently she is working on a young adult trilogy.