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"Why I Believe Novels are the Best Books to Write," by Robert V Baynes, author of 'The Day the Dollar Died'

I am not saying that every book that is written should be a novel. However, I am partial to them. Once I wrote my first novel, I sort of got hooked on them. If you look at the history of books, most of the great ones have been novels.

Some people may say that they have a message that they want to tell people, so they are not interested in writing a novel.  Well, when I started my first book, I wanted to get a message across to others. I chose to do that in the form of a novel.
I decided to write a novel because I believe that often the best way to get a message across is to tell a story about it. Even though my first book was a novel, I don’t think anyone missed the message I was trying to convey.

Almost every novel has some message or values that the author holds and is trying to get across to their audience. As a extreme example of this, I think of ‘Atlas Shrugged’. If you have ever read this book, you definitely know what the author’s values and ideals are.

I believe that novels are far easier for people to read and to remember. For some reason we as people relate to stories easily. Even Jesus conveyed many of the lesson’s he wanted people to learn in story form.

Another great thing about writing novels is that you don’t have to document all of your points you want to make. You are making up that story as you go along, so every little detail doesn’t have to be itemized. If you are trying to get a point across, however, you should still try to be as accurate as possible.

I have read a lot of books, both novels and otherwise. I can tell you from experience that I remember the novels best and I also remember the messages of certain novels better than I do the books that just gave me facts.

So my point is, if you decide to write a book, think carefully about whether or not, you could make the message of your book into a story and get your message across in an easier to read form.

Title: The Day the Dollar Died
Genre: Political/ Christian  Fiction
Author: Robert V Baynes
This is a novel about an ordinary farmer who finds that his country is changing and it affects his own life. He loses more than he ever imagined and has to make some hard choices to save his family.
The main character is John Birch and he has a pretty good life. He has a great wife and children and is doing pretty well financially. He gets to do a job he loves and still spends time with his family. He finds that circumstances beyond his control change his world so that he ends up losing the financial security he worked so hard to build up. All he has left is his family and now he has to risk everything to try to save them from an ever growing government.
This book is very realistic and follows a line of thinking  that many find very logical and possibly inevitable.
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Robert V Baynes is concerned about the direction America is headed and wants to share his concerns with others who care about their freedom. In his spare time, he likes to fish, cook and read.

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