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Mike Martin was born in St. John’s, NL on the east coast of Canada and now lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario. He is a long-time freelance writer and his articles and essays have appeared in newspapers, magazines and online across Canada as well as in the United States and New Zealand. He is the author of Change the Things You Can: Dealing with Difficult People and has written a number of short stories that have been published in various publications across North America.

The Walker on the Cape was his first full fiction book and the premiere of the Sgt. Windflower Mystery Series. Other books in the series include The Body on the T, Beneath the Surface, A Twist of Fortune, and A Long Ways from Home, followed by A Tangled Web, which was shortlisted for the 2017 Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award as the best light mystery of the year, and Darkest Before the Dawn, which won the 2018 Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award. Fire, Fog and Water was the eighth in the series. He has also published Christmas in Newfoundland: Memories and Mysteries, a Sgt. Windflower Book of Christmas past and present.

He is Past Chair of the Board of Crime Writers of Canada, a national organization promoting Canadian crime and mystery writers and a member of the Newfoundland Writing Guild and Ottawa Independent Writers.

A Perfect Storm is the latest book in the Sgt. Windflower Mystery series.


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Can you tell us what your new book is about?

A Perfect Storm is the latest book in the award-winning Sgt. Windflower Mystery series set in

the beautiful little town of Grand Bank on the eastern tip of Canada. There are mysteries deaths and accidents, but there is also food, fun and great friends. It’s a clean cozy-like police procedural designed to warm your heart on a cool autumn evening.

Can you tell us a little about your main and supporting characters?

Sgt. Winston Windflower is an RCMP officer and a Cree from northern Alberta who gets stationed in the small town of Grand Bank. He is far away from home but finds new friends and the love of his life, Sheila Hillier. The other supporting officers include other Mounties, a retired Crown Attorney and a family of dream weavers.

Your book is set in Grand Bank, Canada.  Can you tell us why you chose this location in particular?

The book is set in Grand Bank on the eastern tip of Canada because this is where Sgt. Windflower first appeared. It is also my home province and it is great fun to write about the ocean and the scenery and yes, even the weather.

How long did it take you to write your book?

It takes about 3 months to do an initial draft and then another 3 months of editing before it is ready to go to the publisher.

What has been the most pivotal point of your writing life?

I think when I finally decided to say I was a writer. Out loud. Once I did that opportunities to write presented themselves and I truly did become a writer.

What kind of advice would you give other mystery authors?

Write and read every day. Be brave and share your writing with at least one other person you trust. Write from your heart and not your head. Let the creative current unfold and see what happens. You might just be amazed!!



Sgt. Windflower is back, untangling another swirling mystery, this one bringing the meth crisis and biker gangs to the quiet Newfoundland town of Grand Bank, feeling the sting of their deadly tentacles reaching all the way from Las Vegas.  He’s working with his familiar crew of RCMP characters – but wait, are some of the faces changing? New challenges for Jones, an unknown side of Smithson reveals itself, and what ever happened to Tizzard?  In the midst of putting the pieces of the puzzle together, Windflower and his beloved Sheila also find themselves navigating sorrows and surprises on the family front.

Come back to Grand Bank for more fun, food and cool, clean, Canadian crime fiction with Sgt. Windflower Mysteries.


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