Character Guest Post: Jamie Kendal of Eva Mackenzie's BURIED IN MY PAST @EVAMACKENZIE #characterday

Today is character guest post day! Our guest character is Jamie Kendal of Eva Mackenzie's BURIED IN MY PAST. Enjoy!

You know how I can tell when someone’s lying to me? This list is long, so we will only cover a few of these things. Yes, that’s right. I’m a human lie detector. I’m watching you move and I’m listening to what you say. I’m gathering data to make a decision on your deception. I didn’t mean for that to rhythm, or did I?

First, I’m not only looking at what you say, I’m watching your body language when you say it. Ah, ha! Did you just say you didn’t have that gun, but displayed a gun with your index and middle finger, I see your left-handed. That’s interesting to know. Body language speaks just as much as that lying mouth, good Sir. 

Why are you moving toward the exit as we chat, are you trying to escape my questions? This is another sign that you’re lying, or preparing to. Like when I asked you who’s Megan, the sender of a recent text message, and suddenly you have to pee (eye roll). 

Or what about the time you were explaining to me what happened when you left the bar with Megan and you recalled every detail, to the point when I almost fell asleep during the part about the color of the balloons from a nearby Birthday celebration, and then we get to the point when you dropped her off, and the details become vague and generalized, until you get back in your car and drive home passing exactly fifty-two mailboxes on your way. Ah, and just when we were getting to the good part. Do you see what you did there, skipping past your indiscretion, wedged between more details than a soil sample from Mars. 

Or how about the time I was listening to my boss asking you about that memo, the one about your mandatory drug test you forgot to go to. When I overhear him ask if you smoke weed, you laugh and answer, “I don’t think so. I think I would know, right?” Caught you. Answering a closed question with an open answer is an indication that you need to be sent for that drug test ASAP. As you think, can I get away with the whole glaucoma thing or will they check with HR?

Or what about the time I asked my best girlfriend about whether my butt looks big in these skinny jeans (everyone should know this is a set-up) and she falls for it. “Honesty, you look soooo skinny.” Prefacing an answer with honesty, to be truthful, or to tell you the truth all scream LIE. So, I guess I’ll stick with the bootcut, but shame on you. Runner ups are; I have no reason to lie to you, or I’m serious as a heart attack. Well, we can agree on one thing, both broke my heart.

And last, an old favorite, the third person statement. “I didn’t steal your Swingline stapler, but I’ll replace it for you if it makes you happy.” No! What would make me happy is if they put your desk in the basement, because now I know you stole my stapler and we can no longer be desk buddy’s.

As we move forward, I ask that you keep in mind all the victims or offenders are not real people and only written for your enjoyment. Last, don’t use any of these indicators on loved ones or relatives. I can assure you they won’t like it. This has been a lot of fun, thanks for the interview.

She’s desperate to stop the panic attacks. But the truth won’t set her free…

Jamie Kendal sees life through the bottom of a bottle. After surviving assault and betrayal, she is forced back to her hometown to care for her mother. Not long after her return, she’s plagued by terrifying slivers of memories from the night her twin brother disappeared forever…

Unearthing new evidence, she’s shocked to learn she’d been found wandering in the woods that same night—covered in blood. More than one person from her past hid the haunting truth that’s bubbling to the surface. The deeper she digs into the horrors from her past, the more she fears almost anyone could be a killer, including Jamie herself.

Can Jamie expose what happened that night, or will she join her missing brother?

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Eva Mackenzie is an author who enjoys twisty, emotionally engrossing tales. Her debut novel has been a work in progress for over a decade. Under the urging of a loved one, it’s finally finished.
She is a wife and mother living on the east coast. When she isn’t writing, she is spending time with her family, training for her next marathon or reading stacks of suspense novels. Some of her favorite authors are Minka Kent, Dean Koontz, Tami Hoag, and Lisa Jackson.
Her latest book is BURIED IN MY PAST.


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