Guest Blogger: 10 Fun Facts About The Realm of Galadria by Miguel Lopez de Leon

10 Fun Facts About The Realm Of Galadria
By Miguel Lopez de Leon

  1. Queen Gillian: Queen Gillian Willowbrook is the most powerful individual in Galadria, and is the ruling monarch of the realm. She is advised by the Supreme Council and the Galadrian oracles.
  2. Protavas: Protavas are enchanted Galadrian weapons that nobles carry with them at all times. Protavas can be anything, ranging from swords, whips, shields, boomerangs or ropes. Glees are small Protava fans that use deafening sound as a weapon. Wompos are protava gloves that greatly enhance the users strength.
  3. Zvella: Zvella is a very popular Galadrian dessert that looks like a giant bubble and is as light as air. It tastes of vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate and mint, all at once.
  4. Creamers: Creamers are very rare Galadrian chocolates that each give the person eating them a random power for an hour. Only one Creamer can be eaten at a time or they cancel each other out. Past powers have included flight, invisibility and super strength.
  5. Rune: Rune is a friendly white tiger who is a member of the Willowbrook family and has made it his personal mission to protect Queen Gilllian and Peter. Rune can be as gentle as a house cat, but can also be a fierce fighter. Rune loves crispy bacon, and is an expert at navigating the vast grounds of Hillside Manor.
  6. Danjanestries: Danjanestries are magical tapestries who's subjects come to life to protect the occupant of the room the tapestry is hung in front of.
  7. Priestesses of Sertania: The Priestesses of Sertania are a nature-loving order of women who have close bonds with Galadrian snakes. The Priestesses of Sertania are excellent warriors, who each have a huge snake as a loyal, constant companion.
  8. Twigglia: The Twigglia are pixies who live in the Galadrian forests. Twigglia look like tiny humanoid creatures made of wooden twigs, with autumn leaves for wings. Twigglia are fond of dancing in the air, which is hypnotic to anyone watching them. If enough Twigglia are watched air-dancing, it can stop an onlookers heart.
  9. Peter Huddleston: Peter Willowbrook Huddleston is Queen Gillian’s nephew, and heir to the throne of Galadria. Peter’s Protava is an indestructible boomerang. He also carries around a box of Creamers. Peter loves his Aunt Gillian and his Galadrian family. He is best friends with Monty and Rune.
  10. Monty Clearwater: Monty is Peter’s guardian, as well as one of the heads of the Willowbrook household. Monty’s duties are numerous, and he is both a loyal friend, and an integral member of the House of Willowbrook, even accompanying Peter to his meetings with the Supreme Council. Monty has a penchant for wearing odd clothing, such as brightly colored socks and bow ties, but only on his days off. Most of the Galadrian court consider Monty a high ranking staff member, but would be surprised to discover he is also a trained fighter and an expert at using an electric blaster.

About the Author:
Miguel Lopez de Leon is a prolific fiction writer with over 30 short stories published in a variety of international literary magazines and anthologies. De Leon, who prefers to write in the mornings, began working on his first novel as a hobby. That first book blossomed into the Galadria trilogy. One part of the writing process I really enjoy is writing the first draft of a novel…For me, its the time when you can lose yourself in the story the most.De Leon lives in Los Angeles and enjoys reading historical biographies and collecting vintage comic books.

His latest book is the fantasy novel, Galadria: Peter Huddleston & The Knights of the Leaf.

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