Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Date of Release: August 2007

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“Good. I think we can get started now.”

He smiled broadly and turned to Lorraine. His hand went directly to her breast. He moved his lips toward her mouth but was surprised when she nimbly slipped away from him. “Hey, you said we could start.”

She smiled sweetly. “Yes, I did. That means you can start writing. We’ll start this segment when you pick her up for the date. It’ll end when you’re sitting here on the sofa. Let me set it up for you. You pick her up at her place, bring her some flowers, take her out to a fancy restaurant, feed her, get a couple glasses of wine in her, and most importantly, impress her. She agrees to come here to see if this is going anywhere. Got that?”

Walter looked as though he’d lost his best friend. “No, that’s not how I saw this unfolding. We were going to do something, then write about it.”

“Didn’t anybody ever tell you that writing’s hard work, Walter?”

He reluctantly got up and walked over to the computer. “Yeah, but they didn’t mean this.”

Lorraine came up behind him and started to massage his shoulders. She spoke just above a whisper. “Before you left for the date you had the lights dimmed, the wine chilling and the glasses ready. During dinner you’ve found out what type of romantic music she likes and prayed you have it. Now, once you’re in here, you have her sit on the sofa, you put on the music and get the glasses and wine. You sit down, pour the wine and propose a toast, ‘to our future’ or whatever seems appropriate. The first scene stops there.”

Walter stared straight ahead, his fingers sitting on the keyboard.

“Do you want me to leave you alone so you can get started?” o:p>

“I can’t do this. It’s not me. It’s too hard.”

Lorraine moved back to sit on the sofa. “You know, maybe Papa H. just wanted to get Samantha up there and had to bring me up too since I’m the main character. Maybe that’s why he picked you. I hadn’t thought about that before. Maybe that’s it. Who knows what those two are doing behind closed doors. You know, Papa was the master. Imagine the scenes he’s created for the two of them. I’ll bet it isn’t any slam-bam stuff.”

He was angry. “NO! You said he didn’t read the whole book. Samantha doesn’t show up until later. He didn’t know about her. My writing did impress him.”

Lorraine stood and removed the rubber band from her ponytail. Her auburn hair cascaded down around her shoulders, outlining the seductive smile on her face. Slowly she began unbuttoning her blouse, the black mesh bra becoming more visible with each button. She released the last one and removed her blouse, letting it drop on the floor.

Walter stood there, his mouth agape, his eyes devouring this creature he conceived, wanting physically what he owned literally.

Lorraine thrust out her chest, her breasts barely contained by the bra. Her nipples were swollen, pressing against the mesh, visible to his hungry eyes. She placed her hands on her hips, accentuating the low cut of her black slacks. Moving her hands behind her, she slowly unzipped them.

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