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đź“™ A Bookish Word or Two with Stella Atrium, Author HOME RULE: BOOK III OF THE TRIBAL WARS #abookishword


On A Bookish Word or Two, we have a guest post from Stella Atrium, author of Home Rule: Book III of The Tribal Wars. Enjoy!

The Inspiration Behind Home Rule: Book III of the Tribal Wars

By Stella Atrium

HOME RULE is book 3 in the first trilogy of a (mostly completed) series. As the writer, I’m so far ahead with characters and plots that I have to think about what the reader knows so far. LOL

Hershel Henry carries our narrative while he reports about tribal conflicts. We learn about death-by-fire that individual tribal women undertake.  The offworld press claims the women are losing hope rather than engaging in a righteous means of protest. 

Henry hates the narrative on the Company news outlets.  He opens a Cylay Gazette to honestly report about the march toward home rule. 

My stories are really about the women. Originally, I wanted to see lead characters concerned with more than finding a husband or getting a divorce. Science fiction seemed like a natural place for more integrated roles for women. 

As I began to explore migration flows and culture shock, I realized that women carry old influences into the future, language and cooking habits. They tell the children about past heroes, about cautionary tales, and about how to stand up to tyranny. Without a sense of the past, how will the next generation have fresh ideas for leading the community? 

So the female characters are placed in the foreground of each sequence. My principle (that I sort of stuck to) was that the plot cannot go forward except for what the women do. Some interesting scenes were needed to show the world from the point of view of female fighters who set aside pregnancies to join the battle. 

About Stella Atrium

Stella Atrium is writing The Tribal Wars series. The first trilogy is available as ebooks and in print. BookLife has awarded the Editor’s Pick designation for each book upon its release.   

Home Rule rounds out the first trilogy and received first place in the 2023 Artisan Book Review Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy.     

Book 4 titled Tribal Logic is scheduled for release in early 2024. Also be certain to pick up Atrium’s standalone novel Seven Beyond that won a 2014 Reader’s Favorites award in science fiction.   




About Home Rule: Book III of the Tribal Wars

Sarafina di Ramonicc In book 3 of the award-winning series, photojournalist Hershel Henry witnesses the loss by self-torching of tribal women. The Madquii and Gora tribes have laid siege to the city of Urbyd, and Brianna Miller must seek a peace treaty.   

Kelly Osborn travels to Stargate Junction to set the wedding of ambassador Otieno. Hershel Henry opens a gazette to report on pending elections for home rule, but then shocking events upset their plans.  


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