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Character Profile Sheet for Zek from Gabriella Zielke's ‘The Sound of Creation’


Years ago (and still applies today), the experts were telling fiction writers that in order to really know their main character, they must come up with a character profile sheet for them and definitely applies to all your characters as well.  This is a good practice because once you know all the ins and outs of all your characters, the book flows better and allows the author to get inside the head of each of their characters.

We decided to ask authors if they would like to come up with a character sketch of their main character, throwing in a few unique questions to make it really fun!

Today we have Gabriella Zielke stopping by on her blog tour with a character sketch of her main character, Zek.  Enjoy!


Learn more about Zek!


Name of Character
: Zek

Age: eternal

Eye Color: ice blue

Hair Color: bald

Birthplace: the ether

Marital Status: n/a

Children: 1

Place of Residence: Renzo

Description of Home: The Creation Guild spans all of the small, icy planet of Renzo. A large courtyard is flanked by the Apprentice Hall on one side with the Great Hall looming large on the other side. Its two wings of guildmember creation spaces extend perpendicular from each end.

Dominant Character Trait: optimism

Enemies and Why: The LAER Guild and other Statics who believe the only way for a soul to ascend their dimension is for another soul to descend

Temperament: ethereal

Ambition: to restore The Creation Guild to its former glory and allow new ascensions from the lower dimensions

Educational Background: Creation Guild apprenticeship

Philosophy of Life: expansion is life, is eternal

Bad Habits: defying the LAER system

Talents: wolf whisperer

Why is Character Likeable? He wants to make the multiverse a better place for all souls


Character Mini-Interview:

Nobody knows I am: from the 7th dimension – at least most humans are unaware

I wish: all souls could ascend the dimensions with less turmoil

The worse part of my life is: having to defend my creations to the Guild

I want to teach my children that: all souls deserve to ascend

The worse advice my father guildmaster gave me is: don’t try to change what is

When I feel sorry for myself I: create a fun little planet full of puppies and play with them

My friends like me because: I’m honest.

My major accomplishment is: Creating Earth

My most humbling experience was: Being told Earth is a failure and I must destroy it.


Meet the Author

Gabriella Zielke founded one of the world’s first tech accelerators where she was fortunate to mentor and fund hundreds of founders whose ideas previously only existed as science fiction. Fast Company named Zielke one of its Most Creative People, among other accolades from her business career. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Creative Writing at Harvard University Extension while living on St. Croix with her husband and their zealous Great Dane. When she’s not writing, you can find her dancing with fire.

Her latest book is the scifi novel, The Sound of Creation.

Visit her website at or connect with her at Twitter and Facebook.

Inside the Book

Author: Gabriella Zielke
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Science Fiction

Brilliant and relentless tech CEO Ava Lawson built a system to play the currency market and make her billions. Instead, it begins to play strange music and makes normally level headed people behave irrationally, violently, dangerously.

While on the run from a coup to steal her code, Ava meets an ethereal stranger who seems to know more about her than she does.

The stranger calls himself an apprentice. He pleads for her help to stop what they have started.

“The Sound of Creation is a mind-bending book filled with big questions about our existence. It takes you on a journey disrupted by action scenes and strange characters. You will find yourself floating on dimensions you did not know even existed. This book is a mind game. You have been warned.” ~ George Papa, author of The Manual and The Architect’s typist for The Code

Book Information

Release Date: February 2, 2022

Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press

Soft Cover: ISBN:  978-1509239139; 342 pages; $17.99; E-Book, $5.99


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