Playing Book Trivia with Patrick Kelley, Author of GODZILLA: THE MONSTER FIGHT RECORD SERIES


It’s time to play Book Trivia!
Periodically, we scour the Internet for interesting authors who would like to play Book Trivia with us.  By answering our book trivia questions, we get to learn things about the author no one else knows!  So, let’s get ready…let’s play…Book Trivia!

Today our guest author is Patrick Kelley, author of the nonfiction reference series, Godzilla: The Monster Fight Record.

Thank you for playing Book Trivia with us! 

In the movie Castaway, if Tom Hanks unearthed a copy of Grace And The Golden Rule, how would that help Tom find a way off the island?

It wouldn't, though my book would probably make Tom even more scared and hopeless on the island. If he read the sections about Ebirah, Horror of the Deep and Son of Godzilla, he'd probably freak out over the idea of him trapped on an island that potentially has giant monsters lurking nearby.

Everyone knows Miley Cyrus is the wild child in the music business.  But she read your book and wants to let you know that it changed her life for the better.  Why did your book give Miley a new lease on life?

I imagine she probably read about Godzilla's epic victory dance from the section on Invasion of Astro-Monster and wanted to incorporate it into her routine. This led to her doing a deep dive into the series and leading a more low key existence pursuing her new hobby.

You are being pulled over for speeding. When the officer asks you for your license and you discover you left it at home, you decide to pull out your book instead. What do you tell the officer?

Officer, as part of my sobriety test, I am going to read passages from my book for you. 

That would get me out of trouble, right?

You have a chance to appear on the hit talent show for authors, American Book Idol, and the mighty judges will determine whether your book will make it to Hollywood and become a big screenplay.  What would impress them more – your book cover, an excerpt or your best review – and why?

I think the subject matter would impress them the most. Who else would go to the trouble of developing a win-loss methodology and record for a series of monster movies?

A homeless man was caught stealing your book out of a bookstore. When asked why he did it, he opened the book and pointed a passage out. What was that passage?

" owe it to yourself to read this book." (on Page 12). He probably took the quote out of context and decided to walk with the book. I can understand the confusion. 

Finally, you just got word that your book has received the 2013 NY Times Bestselling Book Award and you have to attend the ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan.  Anyone who’s anyone will be there and it’s your shot for stardom.  On stage, you must give an acceptance speech.  What would you say and who would you thank?

I am not a huge fan of public speaking, so I would keep it short and sweet. However, I would definitely make time to thank the important influences that led to the creation of my book. That list includes my lovely wife Jessica, who encouraged me every step of the way; my parents who encouraged this silly hobby of mine that I used to create my own monster, this book; my oldest brother Boomer who introduced me to Godzilla in the first place; and everyone who ever participated in making a Godzilla movie as they created the legacy that inspired me to write the book.

Patrick Kelley was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, and is a lifelong monster movie fan. He spent his childhood becoming familiar with the classics like Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, King Kong, the works of Ray Harryhausen, and of course his favorite, Godzilla. His many other hobbies include sports (particularly Football), movies, and television, but when he’s not indulging in those activities, he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and newborn daughter.

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Godzilla: The Monster Fight Record
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