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On A Bookish Word or Two, we have a guest post from Sean Keefer, author of THE CODE. Enjoy!

The Top Ten Things You Might Not Know About Sean Keefer

By Sean Keefer

Being a writer is about a lot more than just writing. Much goes into the process, but not all ends up on the page, though many different factors influence the final product. I wanted to talk about the top 10 things that not everyone knows about me, many of which have a decided impact on my writing. Other? Not so much, but I thought I would share nevertheless.

1 - Though I ended up practicing law as a profession, that was not my initial plan. In high school, I was very involved in student media. When I started college, my first major was computer science, but, well, because of math, that just didn’t work out. I bounced around for a bit and ended up studying journalism with a concentration in photojournalism. While I ended up in law school, even today, I spend a great deal of time behind the camera.

2 - I have found I have a great love of writing and intend to keep writing Noah Parks books (and maybe delving into some other non-Noah storylines), but folks who have known me for a while, were surprised when my first book was released. They thought it would be an album. While I had dabbled at writing on and off in a sporadic fashion, I had been a musician since high school. So while everyone had been waiting on an album, a book appeared. Then another. But not to worry, while The Code was delayed a bit as a result, during the delay, I recorded my first two EPs of original music.

3 - Much like writing, there are a few things that I never planned to do. Cooking is one of these things. I’ve been lucky to have made several friends in the restaurant business, among them some incredible chefs. The more I learned, the more I realized I was fascinated by the art and science of cooking. As a result, I love to spend time in the kitchen. Through my writing, I try to convey some of that love with details about meals or various kinds of food, and, well, drink. Who knows, maybe there will be a Noah Parks cookbook in the future. 

4 - Growing up on the coast of South Carolina, water sports are just a way of life. While I love the water, I’ve never gotten into boating. Not that I don’t enjoy every opportunity I get to be on a boat, I’ve just never owned my own boat. That is partly because as much as I realized how much I loved being on the water, my true love was being under the water scuba diving. 

5 - Never being one to rest with just one, multiple dogs has been a reality for the majority of my adult life. Presently, there are four dogs (Australian Shepherds) in the picture ranging from the age of, at the time of this writing, four months to 14 years. Oh, and there is also a horse that is, after all, just a pasture puppy. 

6 - Not being content to write fiction, I decided to try my hand at non-fiction. The result was a book published by the South Carolina Bar Association entitled “Mediation in the Family Courts of South Carolina.” This of course, begs the question: How many readers have all three of the Noah Parks books and the mediation book?  

7 - While this point is related to cooking, I decided to delve into hot sauce making based on a conversation I had with a friend a little over two years ago. From planting pepper plants to fermenting to even putting the finished product in woozy bottles (yes, that’s what those little bottles are called), it’s been a fun diversion, and the final product has been rather enjoyable. To date, there are 9 versions.

8 - Years ago, Apple had a slogan for their app store when the first iPhone came out. “Yeah, there’s an app for that.” So one day, I went to the app store to get an app I needed. Much to my surprise, I found out when Apple said there was an app for that; well, that was a somewhat fluid term - meaning there was no app for what I needed. So I designed and marketed my own app.

9 - Somewhere in my DNA, there is a gene; I’ve come to call it the collector’s gene. I’m pretty sure it is not far from a hoarding gene if that is a thing, but I curate several collections. Most notable, besides guitars, would be signed baseballs. 

10 - I just love the X Files. 

About Sean Keefer

Sean Keefer is the award winning author of three legal thrillers, The Trust, The Solicitor, and The Code, all set in and around coastal South Carolina.

He is also the author of Mediation in the Family Courts of South Carolina, a legal treatise on family law mediation.

He lives and writes in Charleston, South Carolina.

In addition to his writing, Sean is a recording and performing guitarist/singer/songwriter of Americana and Alt-Country music. Watch him sing Carolina Sunset which was inspired by his latest book, The Code. Listen here!

For more information about his writing and music, visit SeanKeefer.com and ADogNamedBear.com.

Follow him on Facebook @theNoahParksMysterySeries and @SeanKeeferMusic. Follow him on Instagram @NoahParksMysteries and @1ADogNamedBear1 

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About The Code

It should have been an otherwise uneventful Sunday morning for Charleston attorney Noah Parks. Perhaps a trip to the beach or a run with his new Australian Shepherd, Austin. But with a cryptic voicemail, everything changes.

A client has vanished, leaving nothing behind as a clue to where he may be. Neither his family, friends, nor neighbors are able to provide help.

Turning to his friend Emmett Gabriel, Charleston’s newest police detective, Parks can only watch as what started with a simple voicemail takes on a sinister life of its own. 

Parks soon finds himself entangled in an affair that spans centuries, going back to the time of Charleston’s birth.

With a focus on learning his client’s fate, Parks will soon find himself facing a mystery that will not only be a test of his wits but leaves him challenged in ways he never imagined.

Facing down twists, turns, betrayals, and traditions of honor, will he break The Code?

Release Date: October 7, 2022

Publisher: Rivers Turn Press

Soft Cover: 978-0998575575; 319 pages

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3IETRpM 

Rivers Turn Press: https://bit.ly/3V9725u