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Dr. Darren Starwynn
 has been aware of the Quantum Field of consciousness since childhood, traveling to India to study with a spiritual master during his teenage years. Since then Darren has had a long career as acupuncturist, medical device developer, writer, healer and teacher, integrating therapeutic systems from around the world. He has written four groundbreaking books, led hundreds of workshops and seminars and invented several vibrational devices used worldwide. Darren’s workshops and retreats weave laughter and playfulness with profound personal healing and transformation.

Thousands of people have been directly or indirectly touched by Darren’s offerings, and he has inspired many colleagues to expand the scope of their work to include energy medicine and consciousness-based healing systems. His work integrates vibrational energy medicine with multi-dimensional quantum healing to help people rapidly release old trauma, pain and limitations to their self-expression.

Darren serves as a Reverend through the Lightworker Ministry, empowering healers and Lightworkers to live as Avatars and participate in the currently unfolding planetary ascension of consciousness. He is a graduate of the Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and received a doctorate in Chinese Medicine in 1995 through the National Academy of Advanced Asian Medicine. He has been ordained as a Knight through the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope, a branch of the historical Knights Hospitaler from Europe.

Darren also loves playing and composing music, hiking, writing and dancing.

His latest book is Awakening the Avatar Within.

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Q: What attracted you to the spirituality genre?

I have been drawn into spirituality, energy healing and the urge to awaken my consciousness throughout my life. When I am getting ready to write a book I get frequently “downloaded” with ideas, inspirations and bits and pieces of writings. Once I accumulate enough of them I know it is time to put them

together and share them with others as a book.

Q: Do you write in any other genres?

I am a songwriter on the guitar, if that counts. But aside from that I have not been writing in other genres.

Q: What inspired you to write Awakening the Avatar Within?

I have a deep motivation to make my best contribution to helping resolve the many crises facing the human race, such as climate change, pollution, concentration of power and control by the few and continuing and deepening injustices in many aspects of societies. It became clear to me that the ultimate solution to all these crises is a global shift in consciousness, with increasing numbers of people waking up from their dark dreams of fear, polarization from others and feeling powerless to affect what is happening. Awakening the Avatar Within offers all the best and clearest knowledge and practices I know that can help facilitate mass awakening of consciousness. Through this I envision increasing numbers of people taking back their power and freedom to choose to help create a better world as awakening Avatars.

Q: Can you give us your book blurb so others can find out what your book is about?

This book offers a transformational experience and roadmap for you to heal yourself and live as an awakened, actualized human being, referred to as an Avatar. From this place you are able to become a vital part of the movement to heal and uplift the human race. You will also learn many valuable practices for raising your level of consciousness, and upgrading the health and functioning of your body through the cutting-edge science of epigenetics.

There is now a rapid awakening of mass consciousness taking place on Earth. This holds the greatest promise for shifting us from our current unsustainable course into a higher order of life in which we are able to effectively solve all our pressing issues. The clearest definition of awakening is learning to live free from fear, because fear only exists in our fallen, lower consciousness state.

Avatars are people who have the capacity to hold and emanate higher healing light, even if they don’t yet realize it. In this book you will gain powerful insights and practical tools to develop your abilities as an Avatar and Lightworker. As you do this, you activate your innate energy transmission and Super Powers that enable you to transform yourself and be a healing catalyst for others. 

Q: How can readers discover more about you and your work?    Instagram: darrenstarwynn

You can visit me at….  After buying Awakening the Avatar Within receive free online audio and video course based on the at

Q: Where can readers buy your book?

You can pick up a copy of my book at…, Audible, Barnes and

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