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Cheryl Carpinello
 taught high school English for 25 years. During that time, she worked with numerous students who didn’t like to read for a variety of reasons. However, she discovered that even the most reluctant readers became engaged in the classroom and in reading when she introduced units on King Arthur and the works of ancient world writers. Upon retiring, she set out to write fast-paced, action-filled stories in these setting to encourage young readers to read more. When not writing, you can find her reading, spending time with family, and traveling.

“In 2008, my husband and I spent three weeks traveling around Egypt via train and visiting all those magnificent archeological sites. Since we returned home, Egypt has never been far from my thoughts. I truly believe that I left part of my soul in that ancient land. To satisfy my longing to return, I wrote Sons of the Sphinx and Tutankhamen Speaks.” Visit her on Twitter and Facebook.


Can you tell us what your books are about?

I have two books set in Ancient Egypt: Sons of the Sphinx and Tutankhamen Speaks.

Sons of the Sphinx is a time-travel adventure/thriller set in 1330 BC Egypt. Rosa, who carries part of King Tut’s queen’s soul inside of her, agrees to go back to 1330 BC Egypt to help Tut find his queen and clear his family’s name. She isn’t prepared to fight for her life. And then, there’s this little thing called love.

Tutankhamen Speaks is King Tut’s story. Found on ancient scrolls in the Egyptian Museum is the story he told from beyond the grave. His wonder, amazement, joys, and sorrows transport Tut from a dead ancient mummy to living human who shares the same feelings as we do.

Can you tell us a little about your main and supporting characters?

Rosa is 15 and a sophomore in high school. She goes to school with kids she has grown up with, but because of her special gift or curse as she refers to it, she is outside the social circles.

King Tut is just himself. A leader. A husband. A son. One who feels deeply about his Egypt.

Your book is set in Ancient Egypt.  Can you tell us why you chose this location in particular?

I wanted to explore the life of King Tut further with a story that would appeal to YA readers. The only place to set these stories in was Ancient Egypt. It was, and is, a magical, mystical, and dangerous land. Having visited Egypt, I also wanted to share this land with those who will never see it in person.

How long did it take you to write your book?

It usually takes about a year and a half for me to complete a book and get it published. Sometimes a little longer depending on what is happening.

What has been the most pivotal point of your writing life?

Getting my first book finished and published in 2009. Each time I get a new book published, it makes my day!

What kind of advice would you give other MG/YA authors?

Write what you love. Don’t worry about what other people tell you. Be sure you spend time with your audience. It’s crucial to understand their likes, fears, and hesitations. Without my 20+ years in the classroom, I would have a hard time creating characters that connect with my readers.


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