Interview with Thriller Author N.J. Croft @nj_croft #Interview #blogtour

After a number of years wandering the world in search of adventure, N.J. Croft finally settled on a farm in the mountains and now lives off-grid, growing almonds, drinking cold beer, taking in stray dogs, and writing stories where the stakes are huge and absolutely anything can happen.



About the Book

A woman with a rare genetic illness must uncover her connection to a terrorist group before their next attack in this exciting new bio-thriller from the author of Disease X.

Lucas Grafton has spent the last ten years hunting the Conclave, a secret organization who took everything from him, including his very identity. Now he has a lead—an imminent terrorist attack on London—code-named “Descartes”. But he can’t connect the dots until a seemingly innocent woman appears during his stakeout.

Jenna Young can’t believe she was attacked and barely escaped with her life. Now she’s on the run with a stranger…and racing against the clock. With only a note left by her father after his death, telling her to use the code-word “Descartes” to get the pills that slow the progression of her illness, Jenna has only days before her body will start to rapidly deteriorate.

Lucas and Jenna must piece together why she’s wanted by a terrorist group she’s never heard of. And why, despite her claims that she needs an unknown and presumably illegal drug to stay alive, she seems to be getting stronger by the day…


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Can you tell us what your new book is about?

The Descartes Evolution is about a man seeking revenge, a woman searching for the truth about who she is, and the ancient, secret organization that ties them together. An organization that has decided it’s time to take control of the world before we self-implode.  

Can you tell us a little about your main and supporting characters?

There are two main protagonists in The Descartes Evolution.

Luke is a man motivated by revenge. He’s spent the last ten years chasing the shadowy group that murdered his family. He’ll do just about anything to get to them, and he’s crossed his own lines so many times that he no longer knows who he is or what he is capable of.

Jenna is a woman who’s about to find out that her whole life is a lie. And it quickly becomes clear that she needs to uncover the truth or die.

And the villain of the story…Lauren grew up within the Conclave, a clandestine organization who’s only creed is power. Lauren’s loyalty to the Conclave is absolute. She has a mission and she won’t let anything stand in her way.

Your book is set in London.  Can you tell us why you chose this location in particular?

I wanted to set most of the action in a major city and I actually lived in London for a number of years so I know—and love—the city.

How long did it take you to write your book?

The actual writing of the first draft took me about a month. But I do a lot of planning beforehand. That often takes longer than the actual writing, but means that once I do start, I know what my characters are going to do and why they are doing it. I can immerse myself in the writing without constantly stopping to decide what happens next.

After the first draft is finished, then I put it aside for a few weeks before I start the editing process. Which in this case took about another month. So probably three to four months from start to submission.

What has been the most pivotal point of your writing life?

I think moving to Spain. I’m English, but I now live on an almond farm in the mountains of southern Spain between the Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean.  The area is remote and peaceful with spectacular scenery across the mountains and down to the sea. 

As it’s a relatively cheap place to live (we’re a long way from any shops!) I get to write full time, which makes a huge difference. 

And if I’m ever stuck for inspiration, I just go and sit under an almond tree, drink a glass of local wine, and admire the views.  

What kind of advice would you give other thriller authors?

For me, thrillers are all about exploring the things we fear in life, plagues, secret organizations intent on taking over the world, global warming, terrorism…. 

So start with what really scares you in the world today, make it as bad as you can possibly imagine, then write.