Character Guest Post: Mike Fuller of Angela Smith's Romantic Suspense DARK JUSTICE @angelaswriter

Today is character guest post day!  We have Luke Fuller of Angela Smith's new romantic suspense, DARK JUSTICE, with us today.  Enjoy! 

Mom grips my hand in her frail hold. She’s pale and looks bad. I don’t like the wig she’s wearing. It makes her look worse, not like herself. But I understand that she didn’t want to walk into the prison bald-headed, which she’d be if she chose not to wear a wig.
My heart swells. But I refuse to say goodbye. I’ll regret that later.
My mom died when I was in prison. Cancer took hold of her, but I often wonder if her broken heart had something to do with it. Sure, she still had two beautiful daughters and a longstanding marriage, but she didn’t take my imprisonment lightly. I often wonder if it’s because she doubted my innocence.
I lost out on a lot while I was in prison for a murder I did not commit. That was the hardest part of it all. The love of my life thought I killed her sister. Believes it to this day, I imagine. And I’m not ready to convince her otherwise.
I’ll never forget the day of release. I’ve had sunshine on my face, sure. It’s not like prison is always indoors. But this sunshine was different. No bars, no wires, no guards stood between me and that sun. That bright, vibrant sun. I had to shield my eyes as I walked to the car. It’s not one of those stories where I get out and I have nobody else and I’m walking along the road all by myself. Nothing like the movies. My dad and two sisters are with me. My dad had a stint in prison himself for drinking and driving. His third offense after my mom died. He never drank when I was a kid, but his grief caused him grief, er, you know. But my two sisters, Adrienne and Charlotte? I’m not sure I’d ever be walking along the path of freedom if it hadn’t been for those two. Adrienne knew I was innocent because she knew I came home after my fight with Lauren. And Charlotte had no reason to doubt. But the prosecutors did. And the jurors did. And Adrienne kept fighting for me anyway. I’m so grateful for everyone, including the team of lawyers who continued fighting for me.
One of the worst things of being sentenced is the knowledge that the guilty would walk free. I was innocent, and yet there was a man out there—a man who used to be my friend—who could keep killing. And not many people believed me. How could I protect those I loved if I was behind bars?
But I’m free now. My first pledge to myself is not to give it another thought. I was there for a reason. I hope I changed people’s lives for the better. I think I did. Maybe I missed out on a lot of things, but I also made a lot of gains and had experiences I’ll never regret. I would never have had them otherwise. I am not the type of person to grieve what has happened. I move on. What happened doesn’t change the core of my being.
As Adrienne grips my hand and smiles, I see the relief in her eyes. She’s found the love of her life now, and he seems like a good guy. I’m glad I’ve had the chance to meet him and talk to him. She’s experienced plenty of heartbreak of her own, and I’m grateful she’s here for me. I’m grateful to be going home.
Even if home might ultimately destroy me.

About the Author

Angela Smith is a Texas native who, years ago, was dubbed most likely to write a novel during her senior year in high school. She always had her nose stuck in a book, even hiding them behind her textbooks during school study time. Her dream began at a young age when her sister started reciting ‘Brer Rabbit’ after their mom read it to them so often. She told her mom she’d write a story one day and never gave up on that dream even though her mom was never able to see it come to fruition. By day, she works as a certified paralegal and office manager at her local District Attorney’s office and spends her free time with her husband, their pets, and their many hobbies. Although life in general keeps her very busy, her passion for writing and getting the stories out of her head tends to make her restless if she isn’t following what some people call her destiny.






About the Book:

She’s in love with her sister’s killer...

Lauren has loved Luke since first grade. They planned to marry—until he murdered her sister. The moment he was sentenced to prison,
Lauren fled with her secret baby and made a new life. Now she’ll do anything to keep their daughter safe. But her hard won peace shatters when Luke is exonerated, and it sets her on a path of mixed emotions to discover the truth. Letting a killer into their tightly knit family is out of the question. Or is it?

She almost destroys her life by threatening his…

Prison stole his future with Lauren and twelve years of Luke’s life, so the last thing he needs from her is a knife in the back or a gun in his face. Lauren believes he killed her sister, and he has no plans to pick up where they left off. Luke can’t afford to trust her, but he wants nothing more than to convince her he’s worth fighting for.

Their daughter is in danger…

Luke is heartbroken when he learns they had a child together. Now his daughter is in danger. Lauren trusted the wrong person for far too long, but he hopes she’ll now trust him. Luke will risk everything to keep them safe. And Lauren will risk everything if she lets him into her heart.


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