Book Feature: Musings of a Mad Scientist by David Gretch

Inside the Book:

Title: Musings of a Mad Scientist 
Author: David Gretch 
Publisher: iUniverse 
Genre: Philosophy/Mind and Body 
Format: Ebook/Paperback

What if human nature, in its most primal and innocent stage, is kind and gentle? What if despite the hostility, deception, and corruption of the moment, we earthlings are in fact spirit beings capable of reversion to our innate condition of being a kind and gentle species? If such a synchronous evolutionary leap in consciousness is possible, then past rules can be overlooked as newer and more positive perspectives emerge. Musings of a Mad Scientist attempts to revive an old conversation about what it is to be human, and it peers into our inner world, our inner sanctuary, and the inner quiet-something that scientists don't speak too much about. It explores these questions and answers with passion and a belief in God-something else scientists are not encouraged to do-and it prompts us to fight the exploitation and adverse social conditioning that results in the pestilence of weakness, disease, and economic turmoil. In the mad doctor's own words, "the arresting of adverse social conditioning is required for the solution of a nurturing, non-competitive global culture to optimally materialize." As the gentleness and kindness innate to our being reaches out with a mind of its own and yearns for a connection with like-minded humans, we can have the realization that we are all related in harmony with Mother Earth. This revival of the good spirit of humanity is about our inner selves, our outer connections, and how we should both understand ourselves and act as living, breathing spirits.  
Meet the Author:
David Gretch has doctoral degrees in both medicine and microbiology, and after a successful career in medical research he has turned his critical attention toward society and what it means to be human. A native of Montana, he now resides within the damp yet spectacular forests of the Pacific Northwest.