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10 Things You Might Not Know About The Emerging Sensitive

10 Things You Might Not Know About The Emerging Sensitive
by Maria Hill
The Emerging Sensitive is a new book about and for highly sensitive people. It was published in January, 2016 in order to help highly sensitive people gain perspective about themselves and their place in the world.
Here are some things you might not expect to find in this book:
·         It is not just about the characteristics of sensitivity, which have been addressed extensively in other books.
·         The book begins with a discussion about the “DOES Model” of sensitivity introduced by Dr. Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person.
·         The Emerging Sensitive provides a creative exploration of the way that the characteristics of sensitivity work together to create “the magic of sensitivity.”
·         The sensitive trait has been around for a long time and is found in more than 100 other species.
·         It explores the history of being sensitive and how sensitive people may have been appreciated under different cultural systems.
·         It uses the concept of frameworks to explain differences between highly sensitive people and their culture.
·         It explains why sensitive people have struggled under capitalism.
·         The Emerging Sensitive offers a new emerging cultural system meant to address our sustainability issues, The Commons Movement, as a potentially rich system for tapping into the gifts of sensitive people and as a source of employment for sensitive people looking to work with like minded people.
·         It offers many strategies for self-empowerment.
·         The Emerging Sensitive has an extensive resource section to help highly sensitive people take what they learn in the book and apply it to their lives.
The world is changing. It is becoming more compassionate. People are seeking healthier approaches to living that preserve the environment and promote quality of life. These interests resonate deeply with highly sensitive people whose gifts will be invaluable for helping us develop a healthier, more sustainable world.
About the Author

Maria Hill is the founder of HSP Health and Sensitive Evolution. She is a lifelong explorer of the sensitive experience and the challenges of bridging the difference between sensitive and non-sensitive people. Her interest in wisdom traditions, and new developments in the understanding of patterns of human behavior and living provides a unique perspective about the value of the sensitive trait and the needs of highly sensitive people.
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About The Emerging Sensitive:

Having only been given a name for their unique nature a few decades ago, highly sensitive people, or HSPs, are finally able to identify their traits and connect with one another in new and beneficial ways. In her book, The Emerging Sensitive: A Guide For Finding Your Place In The World, Maria Hill illuminates the path to self exploration and discovery for HSPs. Drawing on work of HSP expert Dr. Elaine Aron’s “DOES” model, Hill paints a vivid picture of the world as seen through the eyes of a highly sensitive person. She traces the roots of HSPs back to the earliest civilizations by following the evolutional framework of Spiral Dynamics as laid out by Don Beck and Chris Cowan. In doing so, she reveals the shifting roles of highly sensitive people in societies throughout the ages and exploring what the future holds as the culture shifts to a more HSP-friendly stage. Along the journey, Hill provides key insights and tools like the Whole Self framework of Bill Plotkin for highly sensitive people to take control of their lives and embrace their sensitive natures. With the guidance and resources contained within this book, HSPs can begin to discover and nurture their true potential.
Praise for The Emerging Sensitive:

“The Emerging Sensitive is an essential resource in supporting highly sensitive people in showing up in relevant ways, and not at a cost to them. The culture we live in has created many challenges to sensitivity and those who are more highly sensitive. Connection has created pain and therefore avoidance for many highly sensitive people. The cost to being present has been the sensitive self. But, it is changing. It needs to change further. I believe our culture will change the more highly sensitive people can join in and offer themselves genuinely, without compromise. I believe strongly in changing the way we all use sensitivity, and this book is a solid contribution to that effort. It is full of great resources to help a spectrum of highly sensitive people in finding their place and bring their gifts to light.”

--Ane Axford, Sensitive Leadership

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