Thursday, May 7, 2015

Book Review: 'My Mother My Child: Encouragement for Those Who Care for Others' by Susie Kinslow Adams

Name: Susie Kinslow Adams
Book Title: My Mother My Child
Genre: Non-Fiction Self Help
Publisher: Write By The Sea Press
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Book Description:

This easy-to-read, very personal book will help and encourage you whether you are: An adult caring for aging parents The parent of small children A professional caregiver An individual wanting to help others. Read how the author finds joy in the complex, daily demands of a caregiver. Realize you are not in this alone as you learn where and how to find help. The thought-provoking questions and insights at the end of each chapter are suitable for individual or group study. No two situations are the same, however, the basic responsibilities and standard of care will not change. Every person is entitled to adequate care and respect regardless of age or circumstance.

My thoughts…

Caring for an elderly parent is a difficult situation, but when old age combines with dementia, it’s even harder. In this honestly written, poignant, Christian book, author Susie Kinslow Adams shares her ups and downs as she cared for her ageing mother, the sacrifices she had to make, as well as the rewards she was able to gain. The tone is uplifting, with the author offering encouragement and advice throughout. What I especially liked about this book are the study-group questions at the end of each chapter, providing the reader with opportunity for education and self-reflection. My Mother My Child is a book I recommend for people who are going through the same experience. As Adams reminds us, you’re not alone. 

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