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Interview with J.P. London, author of Suburban Enterprise

Title: Suburban Enterprise
Author: J.P. London
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Pages: 138
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Format: Paperback/Kindle

If You Like Breaking Bad or the Stieg Larsson Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Books, You Will Love J.P. London’s Suburban Enterprise.

Brian has it all as a championship high school athlete in the suburbs, until a devastating injury turns his life upside down in an instant. With his athletic career ruined, and all hopes for a college education gone with it, Brian loses all hope of ever getting out of town and out of poverty. This town is where you either have money or you want money. Brian figures he will just continue being one of those that wants money. But, he wants it bad. Then along comes a spider in the form of an old coach, who gives Brian a chance to turn everything around, if he’s willing to pay the price. He shows Brian how he can take the money he wants. Brian must choose on which side of the law he wants to operate. His life depends on it. When everything starts to spiral out of control, Brian learns he can either lie down and die or come out fighting.

Does he have what it takes to survive?

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Can you tell us, what compelled you to write your book?
It really came from two places.  A writing contest for a short story titled “Locked up,” which made me start writing the story.  And a friend of mine who became a drug addict after taking prescription pain pills.  Seeing his struggle let me see that this was a story that needed to be told.

What was the hardest part while writing it?
The biggest challenges were changing the voices as the points of view changed.  First, it was displaying the arrogance of a teenage with the world in his hands, then the distressed mania of an addict.

What obstacles or fears must a writer face? Any tips on how to overcome them?
The biggest fear, I think, for any writer is how the book will be received.  The most important part is to keep moving forward.  Even if your first book doesn’t do very well, it doesn’t mean that you should stop.  Your next book might be the life altering story that we are all waiting for.

What makes a good book?
A good book is a story with well developed characters.  I want to feel what they feel and be completely captivated by their struggle.  A good book allows the reader to briefly leave the outside world and become lost in the venture of their new fictional friends.

Do you also enjoy reading? If yes, would you recommend a few good titles?
I don’t necessarily enjoy reading.  I do read, and quite a bit.  It is something that I force myself to do as per the advice of Stephen King in his book on writing, most appropriately titled “On Writing.”  “On Writing” is perhaps the best book I could recommend to anyone who has even the mildest inclination to become a writer.

How did you feel when you finished writing your story?
I feel incredible.  It is the most rewarding of pursuits, to see a story that was born in your mind live out on paper.  I believe this is the same feeling an artist encounters when finishing a portrait,  it’s the highest expression of self.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Keep writing.  The more you do it the better you get and the more stories you will end up with.

  J.P. London a New Jersey born and raised fiction author. He writes fictional stories about the social issues that he sees in everyday life which include the spread of opiate addiction to the masses, the lack of opportunities to war veterans, and the crippling weight of student loan debt on recent grads. Most of his stories take place in New Jersey and include locations that can be seen today.  You can visit J.P. London at the author’s website http://jplondonauthor.wix.com/jplondon

For More Information Visit J.P.’s website.

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