Tuesday, December 16, 2014

5 Tips About Your Website That Your Web Designer May Have Missed by Author Corey Perlman

Title: Social Media Overload
Author: Corey Perlman
Publisher: Garnet Group
Pages: 169
Genre: Business
Format: Paperback/Kindle

 You shouldn’t be on any social media site without a clear direction or purpose. This book will help you: • Determine which sites are right for your business and ignore the rest • Avoid website mistakes that are costing you business • Attract more prospects by outperforming your competition on Google • Stay “Top of Mind” with prospects using content marketing • Strengthen customer relationships and earn referrals using Facebook and LinkedIn

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Five Tips About Your Website That Your Web Designer May Have Missed
By Corey Perlman

If you leave your website’s look and feel strictly to the designers, be prepared to get a beautiful, sexy, artistic site that does everything but make you money. Why? Because they know website design, but they do not know your business. The five tips below will help ensure that you not only have a website that looks professional, but a website that’s open and ready for business!

#1 – Keep your important information above the fold.  64.9% of people don’t scroll. And 77.3% of statistics are made up on the spot. So forget the statistics, just remember that your phone number, physical address, “Buy Now” button all have a greater chance of being clicked on if you don’t require people to scroll down to click on them. Make sure all of your important information is eye level and consistent on every page throughout your site. 

#2 – Include an Opt-in Form on your Website. By securing a person’s contact information prior to them leaving your Website, you’ve ensured that you can continue to communicate with this person down the road. This is critical to your success via the Web. 

#3 – Link Clarity – Another rule of thumb: if the user doesn’t feel confident they know where the link they are about to click on is taking them, they won’t click on it. So take the guess work out of it and make your links abundantly clear. Contact Us. Yep, that’s pretty clear.

#4 – Mobile Responsive – Just having your site shrink down to the size of your device is not enough. A truly mobile responsive site will adjust its functionality based on the size of your screen. So if someone is on their phone, it will allow them to easily navigate your site via their thumbs.

#5 – Include Key Words in your homepage content – Key Words are those words your users will type in search engines to find you…or your competitors. You want any word or phrase that they might type in to be scattered throughout your homepage as the search engines will give you credit for those words and that will increase your likelihood of a higher search engine ranking.
 Corey Perlman is an entrepreneur, author and nationally-recognized social media expert. His most recent book, eBoot Camp, (Wiley) became an Amazon.com bestseller and received global attention with distribution in both China and India. Corey’s company, eBoot Camp, Inc., provides digital marketing services to small and mid-size businesses. A proud member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), Corey conducts his critically acclaimed Social Media for Business Keynote to audiences around the world. He’s the proud father of a 3-year-old daughter who has already tweeted, has a youtube channel, and asked for a Mark Zuckerberg doll for her brithday. The apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.
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