Morrie Richfield 3Morrie Richfield lives in Pennsylvania with his two sons, his dogs and his cat. He is working on his next novel, and he still dreams that someday the world will be a better place for all of us to live.
His latest book is the inspirational fantasy novel, Revelation: The Return of Mr. Breeze.

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Thank you for this interview, Morrie. Your new book, Revelation, is packed with twists and turns. What was the first kernel of inspiration for this story?
Morrie: It was a dream I had actually, a dream that started me to write novels that could hopefully help change the world.
Revelation 2Revelation is the sequel to your first book, Mr. Breeze. How has your main character, Michael Ryan, changed from one book to the other?
Morrie: In Revelation Michael has taken on the task of trying to save all mankind from the wraith of our maker.
I’ve heard that you write from your head and don’t really map out the plot before you write. How are you able to do this so creatively? Were you always so creative and books just seemed to be a natural release?
Morrie: I have been writing for 42 years, it just comes out of me. I wish I could explain it better than that but that is the way it happens.
Did you have as much fun writing Revelation as you did writing Mr. Breeze?
Morrie: I think I was more determined with Revelation it 50 pages longer and took four months less to write.
Will there be a third book about the infamous Mr. Breeze?
Morrie: No, I think the next chapter for Mr. Breeze is up to all of us to write.
What do you do for a living when you’re not writing books?
Morrie: I own a company that supplies telecommunications equipment.
Would you consider yourself to be a perfectionist or are you a laid back kind of guy?
Morrie: I am a very laid back kind of guy.
What kind of books do you like to read in your spare time?
Morrie: with 8 year old twins a company to run and an amazing women in the life, I do not have a lot of free time.
Can you describe a typical writing day? Do you have any unusual writing habits?
Morrie: I wake up at 4am feed and walk my dogs make some coffee, write till 6am then workout and then get ready for work.
What writers, books, or ideas have most influenced you?
Morrie: This may sound bad, but none.
What’s next for you, Morrie?
Morrie: A series of Children’s books and in 2014 my next novel “Priest” will be coming out