Partially Human
Dwayne G. Anderson
Infinity Publishing
May 2007

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Read an excerpt of PARTIALLY HUMAN:

When Joshua opened his eyes, he was standing in a hall that appeared to be in a moving train. The sky outside was bright blue with several white clouds.
“Where am I?” he asked himself.
He opened a nearby door and went in.
Inside this room, he saw a man seated next to an open window. Dressed in a stunning black suit, he sat at a table, writing on some paper, pausing occasionally to look out the window at the scenery. Also on the table, was a black stovepipe hat.

“If I can just come up with a good ending,” he said as he scratched his bearded chin.
Joshua approached the man and stood before the table.

The man looked up from his papers at Joshua. “Oh hello young man,” he said. “What can the president do for you?”

“Hey, I know you!” said Joshua. “You’re Abraham Lincoln! I read about you in school!”

“So you’ve heard of me,” said Abraham. “I’m writing my Gettysburg address speech. Soon, this train will arrive at Gettysburg where I’ll speak in front of a crowd of people waiting for my appearance. Civil war is tearing the fabric of this country apart. You see, the north opposes slavery, while the south supports it. I’m in favor of the northern country’s opinion.”

“So you oppose slavery yourself,” said Joshua.

“All men and women are created equally. We all live in this great nation under one God, and therefore, we are all equal living beings.”

Joshua listened well to Abraham Lincoln’s words.

“If that’s what you believe, why is there still much prejudice in the world, especially against people like me?”

“Who are you anyway?”

“Joshua Plofhard, a boy who is partially human.”

“Can I ask you something?”

Joshua took off the headband. “Let me guess. It’s about this gem in my forehead?”

“How did it get there?”

“I was born this way. Ever since people found out about it, many have been treating me unfairly. On my nineteenth birthday, the alien within me will be extracted by the rest of the species who created it. Once that is done, I will be able to return home. I’m glad I shall not perish from the Earth.”

“Joshua, you shouldn’t let people treat you unfairly simply because of the way you are. Don’t let anybody stop you from being yourself! Stick to it! You were created this way for a reason. After all, that’s what makes you unique!”
“Thanks for the advice Mr. Lincoln. I feel much better now.”

“You’re welcome,” said Abraham. “Now run along Joshua I have work to do. The train will soon arrive at Gettysburg, and I must deliver this speech. First, I must come up with a dynamic finish.”

“I will,” said Joshua as he began to walk back towards the door.

Then Abraham had a thought about something Joshua said.

“Shall not perish from the Earth? That’s the ending I’m looking for!”